By the end of 2014 The Edwards Family Charitable Foundation will have given away in excess of $2.8 million dollars. Since its creation in 1980, there have been over 130 different organizations and causes which have benefitted from the Foundation, many of which have received ongoing support.

Created as a gift to honor and perpetuate the generosity of the late Ernest B. and Bridget R. (Delia) Edwards, the Foundation endeavors to reflect the legacy of love and respect these mentors have shared and taught. They loved Nova Scotia and the opportunities it presented, but they also understood their obligation to share with those less fortunate. They never forgot their simple roots and the Foundation shall never forget their desire to give back to the community. It is our sincere hope that our efforts on their behalf will continue to positively affect generations to come.

As the Foundation continues to grow, it is our goal to hone our skills for identifying projects which meet our mandate. It is our aim to make intelligent gifts on a yearly basis using the income earned from our investments as well as the dollars entrusted to us by way of family, friends and public donations. We work hard to ensure that these gifts are impactful and heartfelt, transparent and traceable and we shall endeavor to do our due diligence to ensure that these gifts hit their mark.

Gary R. Edwards